Catch Up On Judy Greer’s Perfect Pair From New Show “Kidding”

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aldo-vallon - September 11, 2018

Contrary to the show’s title, Judy Greer’s chest situation is no laughing matter. She has been packing some serious door knockers under her shirt all of these years.

I will admit that I was skeptical of their quality before seeing them. I do not fault her for that in any way. I think my assumption was due to Judy’s character on Arrested Development having a boob job get batched so bad that her nipples became cross-eyed.

Those are the kinds of traits that an actor can have difficulty breaking free from. Judy would not be the first person to get pigeonholed into the same types of roles. Everybody talks about how much it would suck to be stuck playing villains or buffoons, but I think it would be way worse to be typecast as someone with ugly boobs. At least villains still have the chance of winning awards. No one wants to see an actress giving her acceptance speech if it means her boobs could be on display in a low cut dress. People who play villains can even get some respect for being badass. I just do not see that happening for bad boobs.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin