Cayley King’s Friend Gets a Handful!

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Echo Lawrence - July 8, 2020

It is no secret that the new generation is a little bit different than the older generation in that when the older generation turned 18, they were excited to try to get a job at a Bar, or maybe even become a manager at an ice cream shop to make some spending money for college, while now they are launching Only Fans subscription sites, to make more money than doctors do in a year, without ever having to bother with that archaic concept of college. Racy right out of the gate!

So seeing Cayley King, who is a "model" with a large instagram known best for dating Cindy Crawford's song, having her breasts felt up by her friend, since they are ample breasts and grabbing them seems to be the organic thing to do, is hardly on the spectrum of "racy" to her generation.

Luckily, to old farts like me, it's still racy...and HOT!


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