Celebrate 4/20 With Some Of The Hottest Nude Stoner Scenes From Mr Skin!

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brian-mcgee - April 20, 2018

Happy 4/20 everyone. The happiest day of the year for stoners, despite the fact that we basically conduct ourselves the same way we do every other day of the year. If you smoke weed four times a day on April 18th and 19th, what are you gonna do, crank it up to five times a day for 4/20? That doesn't make much sense, now does it?

Anyway, 4/20 is the day when stoners can walk proudly among the rest of society and say, "See! You only do this once a year. Imagine how much better like would be if you did it all 420 days of the year, or whatever!" The stoners aren't great at retaining facts, though I must admit that weed has gotten a lot better at eliminating the memory loss component. When I smoked in college, I knew I had to quit when I stopped my mom three times during one conversation to ask her what we were just talking about. That's not a problem anymore.

Did I ever tell you guys about how I knew I needed to quit smoking weed when I was in college? No? Remind me to tell you guys sometime, it's a great story.

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin