Centerfold Sensation Samantha Dorman Gets Wet and Wild

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aldo-vallon - May 13, 2018

I have a feeling that those pool alligators have been around for about as long as the pool has been. I know pools go back at least as far as the Romans, but I am pretty sure that even they had something back then resembling what we have now. Even if it was not inflatable they probably had a carved log that they would lounge on.

I always loved the pool gators.It is hard to imagine an item like that ever needed to be invented. It seems like the type of thing that has simply always been around, like lawn flamingos.

Sadly, I have yet to be able to live out my dream of reenacting the videogame Frogger by running across the backs of them in order to get to the other side, because I have never known someone who owns more than one. I think that might turn out to be a good thing, though. If I completed that goal too early in my life then I might not have anything else to live for. It is probably best that I work on something that is a little more realistic first, like using a bullwhip to swing across a crevasse.


Photo Credit: Playboy PlusĀ