Chanel West Coast Hard Nipples Very Visible In Lacy Little Lingerie Shoot

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aldo-vallon - July 10, 2018

Perhaps the most surprising thing to come out of Rob Dyrdek’s reality franchise is this pint-sized receptionist.

If I was going to place a bet on who would be the first to launch a rap career out of everyone in the inner circle of MTV’s golden boy, my first choice would have been Big Black, for obvious reasons. If the odds were good enough then I would have picked Drama, but Chanel would have been way down at the bottom. Below even that of Big Cat. I know he seems reserved, but that only means there is a lot of salt hidden just below the surface that is ready to be spit. If he ever does decide to drop a mixtape you can bet I will buy it. Well, that seems a bit extreme. But I will definitely stream it and if it is good enough then I will illegally download it.

Chanel on the other hand has an album as well some mixtapes. I have not heard any of it, but I have a couple of suburban high school family members that speak quite highly of it. And if anything, their opinions should mean more than mine.


[Incredible Nipple Photos From Chanel West Coast From TMZ]

Photo Credit: Instagram / Splash News / Backgrid USA