Chantel Jeffries On the Toilet!

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Echo Lawrence - February 18, 2021

Chantal Jeffries is an an Instagram Model, or an influencer, or a DJ. I guess she's whatever you want to call her, but she's been on instagram since the early days, hence how massive she is on there, and with her social media celebrity, she's managed to get herself in all the right circles, assuming the right circles is dating people like Diplo, which for an aspiring DJ it probably is!!

She's also dated athletes and possibly Justin Bieber, but this isn't a history of a young girl's social calendar, it's about the content that she produces, which in this shoot is on the toilet. Always a weird set option, maybe a little too REAL, but worth checking out!

She may not have that natural look, but she's got that instagram look which is pretty popular because people like it!


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