Charli XCX Sneak Booty Shot!

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Echo Lawrence - April 13, 2020

Charli XCX, more like Charli XXX, which we can assume was the implication when she chose that as her MSN messenger handle, before attempting a pop career with it, whether that worked for her or not is up for debate, however we are posting her pics on here, so it clearly worked in some capacity.

I guess she was on the fence, in a "it could go either way for me if I move to California and this music thing doesn't work out' because if you are willing - YOU are willing.

Her panty shoot could the gateway to a panytless shoot, it's hardcore enough to be softcore! Better than any selfie.

I just hope that the person taking the pics aren't her brother in quarantine with her, you know social distance from anyone from a different house than you, so now your brother and dad are your goto instagram boyfriends telling you to arch your back more, especially in a time when self produced erotica is the last lucrative career in the world. As girls everywhere are recruiting lame guys everywhere to pay them a monthly fee, when it's all out there for free, in this case from people with record deals.


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