Charli XCX Topless Bathtime For Snapchat

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michael-garcia - October 15, 2016

Singer and sexy individual Charli XCX gets topless in the bath and uploaded it to Snapchat for our viewing pleasure. She's also wearing a deep cleansing mask, but just ignore that. I couldn't tell you one of her songs if you put a gun to my head but I could pick out her chichis out of a line-up. Usually, she's got them only slightly covered in some skimpy top but here she lets us see them in all of their glory. What a pair of knockers this girl has, y'all. They are big and plump, but not too big. They are the perfect size for a nice evening of ta-tas touching. She's also got a dynamite backside which you can't see in these pics but I suggest you check out our archive. We've got plenty of Charli goodness from over the years. We're like the Library of Congress of hotties.

Charli should host a cable show from her tub. Like a talk show only, you know, topless. I'm telling you it would be ratings gold. 


Photo Credit: Snapchat