Charlie Sheen Girlfriend Georgia Jones in Her First Known Nekkid Photos

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bill-swift - January 10, 2013

When we see that Charlie Sheen has a new porny girlfriend and that he's partying with her (and the Mayor of Los Angeles) down in Mexico, well, we're going to do some digging type research into his new ladyfriend, Georgia Jones. And it didn't take long before our friends at Girls Gone Wild produced what appears tobe Georgia's first ever nekkid time appearance in front of a camera from her wild and wacky college days (though, we're guessing here this is only her first semi-official time). But, with GGW, we at least know ID's were checked as to barely legal status.

Also featured in the photos is apparently Georgia's then girlfriend performing some kind of 'I Love You Madly' practice on her lower to middle sections for the GGW cameras in some vacation spot or another.

Hey, when we go digging. We find. Because we care. Enjoy.

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