Charlotte Springer Topless In The Garden

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michael-garcia - July 28, 2016

Curvaceous hottie Charlotte Springer went for a naked jaunt in the garden, like you do. She starts out wearing some seriously sexy red lingerie. Charlotte is my kind of woman, curvy with big ol' funbags and a nice plump butt. So it is truly a delight when she takes off her top and unleashes some of the best all-naturals I've seen in a while and I look at women in various states of undress for a living. These things are massive, like get a cramp in your hand from handling them massive. You've got to love a girl who isn't afraid to show you all that she's got. I'd like to have a garden tea party with her as the main guest. It will be like that one scene in Alice in Wonderland except with more bare breasts and sexiness. 

I think I'm going to spend a little time on these pics, maybe get a print-out to put on my wall of hotties. Yes, I have such a wall. Don't judge me. 


Photo Credit: Charlotte Springer