Check Out All The Best Nude Stars In Tanning Beds From Movies And TV Scenes

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brian-mcgee - July 11, 2018

Whenever I see one of those tanning places in a strip mall, I wonder if there are any sexy shenanigans going on in those rooms. You see, I've been lied to by Hollywood my entire life, and just once I'd like to discover that there's some truth in the movies, because the movies have told me over and over again that tanning beds are a place for amorous mischief.

While I'll probably never set foot in one of those places to confirm this for sure, I'll stick with believing Hollywood's lie for now because some of the best nude scenes in cinema history have taken place within the light-bulbed confines of a tanning bed. Yes, they often end in terror as something inevitably goes wrong, but there's lots to enjoy before things take a turn to the dark side.

So check out some of our favorite tanning bed nude scenes from cinema's long and lustrous history with the apparatus. It's basically the entire reason that tanning beds were invented in the first place. Yeah, yeah, I know, tanning and all that, but when it comes to tanning in the movies, the only reason they exist is to facilitate some knockout nudity!

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