Check Out Keeley Hazell’s Bare Breasts In The Grocery Aisle

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aldo-vallon - June 10, 2018

Shopping with your boobs out is a true act of courage. With Keeley Hazell’s fun bags bouncing around unfettered she runs the risk of them knocking over any number of things, and that could cause a very expensive grocery bill.

She could innocently bend over to grab a carton of eggs and her ginormous boobs could blast into them like a meteor taking out the dinosaurs. Or she could be walking around the produce or baked goods with her boobs brushing up against the exposed food. She would have to buy everything that she touches, it is the law. Now I am sure Keeley is doing fine financially, but I doubt she has the kind of money that would allow her to pay that kind of bill.

And what if she is walking down the aisle and someone shouts out, “That woman has her boobs out!” Naturally Keeley is going to whip her body around in order to get a look at whoever the speaker is talking about, and the centrifugal force could send her boobs barreling into a pyramid of cans that were set up as a display. That would then cause an avalanche which could take lives, not to mention risk damaging the merchandise, which would be the real tragedy. And Keeley would be on the hook for all of it.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin