Chelsea Ferguson Knows How To Use Snapchat

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bill-swift - November 21, 2015

British stripper Chelsea Ferguson understands the fundamental value in Snapchat. Like all other social media outlets, it exists for celebrities to pimp products to unsuspecting followers or for super hot chicks to show off their bodies. Chelsea figured, what the heck, why not show off all of my body as long as we're at it and I'm looking for fame and fortune in the faptastic modern world.

At one point, Snapchat kicked Chelsea off their service because we know the menace created by the sight of bare funbags and how they can ruin the day for teens trying to hook up to buy and sell Adderall on Snapchat. I'm not sure if she was let back on or if all of her bounty of bodacious boobtastic treasure if pre-boot. Either way, give this woman a Ph.D in social media. She's one of the smart ones. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Snapchat