Cheyenne Tozzi for the Aussie Hottie Topless Model Win

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bill-swift - April 10, 2012

Sometimes, you just need a little hot young topless Australian model to kickstart your day. And that sometime is all the time really.

So, thank the blessed stars for this amazing Lejbrink Bennerhult photoshoot of Down Under model-family next gen, Cheyenne Tozzi, who is just pure sextastic. Much like my own story, Cheyenne was born to model parents, model-actress sister, and all model friends (except in my own family's case, replace the word 'unskilled manual laborer' for 'model') and the combined level of genetic hotness is just radiant throughout.

Some gifts are earned, some are bestowed upon birth, and let's be honest, not working for stuff is much easier. Enjoy.