Child Star Sisters Aly And AJ Michalka Go Nude In New Music Video For Church

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earl-jonas - April 17, 2019


The names Aly Michalka and AJ Michalka have always been synonymous with really good and interesting music, but now they're also synonymous with hot smooth butts. The sisterly duo strip down in their brand new music video for the single Church. Forget taking me to church. These ladies are taking me to girth. Rite gentlemen?



Aly appeared on Phil of the Future back in the heyday of Disney TV, and AJ has a starring role on The Goldbergs and the spinoff Schooled. When they're not acting, the sisters are producing that really good and interesting music we were referencing earlier. Aly (the brunette) is thirty-years-old while her sister is twenty-eight. As former kid stars, they've been in the biz of show for quite some time, but this new chapter - the one with the asses - is my favorite direction they've gone in yet, and hopefully it's an avenue they'll explore even further. After all, AJ is just one letter away from...

Photo Credit: YouTube via Mr. Skin