Chloe Grace Moretz Shows Off A Lot More Than She Expected

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aldo-vallon - August 7, 2018

I think I now understand why men gave up the comforts of life on solid land for the more tumultuous, and often lonely life at sea. The thrill of tracking down an unknown treasure is more satisfying than realizing there is one more beer in the fridge when you thought it was all gone. And seeing Chloe’s buried treasure marked with an X is giving me the unexpected urge to buy a spyglass and a peg leg. I know maps to pirate treasure are said to be fake, but if that was the case then I do not think these pictures could be real.

It was quite considerate of Chloe to mark her nip with an X. This way we are able to know exactly where it lies without having to take shots in the dark. In the off chance that there was a serial titty twister in the area, he would have no trouble finding the precise spot that he desired. I say man because I am assuming it would have to be a man. The only woman I ever saw give a titty twister was in an adult film that she was being paid to appear in, and it was her own nipple, so I hardly feel that counts.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA