Christine Gischler’s Pool Days!

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Tex Hollywood - August 19, 2020

Christine Gischler who you can follow on Instagram HERE is the star of this shoot that was for one of Playboy's international editions, where she is sitting by the pool having a better day than all of us! I mean that was until we got to stare at her nude body in these pics, it lifted my spirits.

I don't know much about this model, besides being based out of Europe, where the majority of exciting a beautiful women seem to be from. She's recently been vacationing in Mykonos, living that COVID Holiday life, and she's a student at HHU, which seems to be a German University because there is more to life than being a model on the internet, I guess a back up plan is clever, but I have hope she won't be needing one because she's as qualified as any to make it doing this! I mean just look.

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