Clare Richards Nude Around the House

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aldo-vallon - January 3, 2018

 What species is a Clare Richards, because there is no way that she and I share a common ancestor. She is like the hotter sister of Olivia Wilde, and since I have been doubting Olivia's own humanity for about ten years now, I am forced to come to the same conclusion for them both. They are most definitely aliens. 

They probably came to Earth to destroy as many men's lives as possible, like Queen Latifah's characters in all her movies. I don't know what Clare's current number is, but if she keeps coming out with photo shoots like this, then a lot of marriages are going to be ruined.

Even the parts of her that are normally not arousing on a person are sexy. I've been staring at her elbows for ten minutes now wondering if there is a plastic surgeon out their that can recreate them on my future wife. It might be a hard sale to make to a woman, but I am hoping the sheer absurdity of the proposition will be enough to throw her off her guard. Every lady has got to be used to the boobs or butt job, but there can't be many out their with augmented elbows.    


Clare Richards photographed by Paul Cuthbertson for YUME