Cobie Smulders Brand New Skintastic Scenes From “Alright Now”

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brian-mcgee - September 13, 2018

How I Met Your Mother's Cobie Smulders is one of the longtime nudity holdouts, constantly flirting with nude scenes but never actually delivering. In 2005's The Long Weekend, Cobie invited a dude into bed by lifting the covers and showing that her right nipple had slipped out of her nightie.

2014's They Came Together featured a sex scene between Cobie and Paul Rudd, though being a comedy, they both used hilariously mismatched body doubles for the nudity.  She's been in her undies in a bunch of movies and several times on How I Met Your Mother.

However, we just got the closest to a Cobie Smulders nude scene we've ever gotten thanks to her role in the indie flick Alright Now. Cobie's wearing a loose fitting top with no bra underneath. As she moves across the bed, we get a clear look at her right breast down her top.

Yeah, it's not much, and we've been waiting an awfully long time for her to go nude, but this is the best we've got to go on at the moment. Rather than being a sourpuss, turn that frown upside down as you get a clear look at Cobie's right breast. I dare ya!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin