Courteney Cox Black Panties Flash Makes Us Feel Super Creepy Good

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bill-swift - November 30, 2011

I never thought I'd be that guy staring up the dress of a sexy 47-year old woman and checking out her black lace panties. Just kidding, I totally knew I'd be that guy , I always wanted to be that guy, and I've never stopped loving it.

Bless you, Courteney Cox, for your veteran hotness, and for a little panties flash show last night outide Spago restaurant. We saw Courteney desperately working the ThighGinaâ„¢ move as she prepared to exit her vehicle, but, inevitably, that short slit skirt and wiggling out of a car seat will leave you open to paparazzi magic, in this case, black magic.

Count us in the group of big time Courteney Cox fans, way back to early pleasuring-to-Friends days. And it's never really stopped. Enjoy.