Dalia Elliott Wet Sheer Top With Nothing Underneath In Malibu

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bill-swift - February 13, 2016

Just one of those days when you're dancing around with water bottles in the waves at the beach and somehow your sheer top gets wet and you totally forgot your bikini top and your sweet round funbags are visible to all. I hate when that happens. Wait, strike that. I love when that happens.

Super blonde bombshell hottie and pimpstress extraordinaire Dalia Elliot took another turn on the Malibu beach dancefloor twirling and preening and posing with her pre-packaed merchandise and a healthy does of wet top see-through to the spectacular tubes goodness. She is a natural at this game, a smiling revealer of her precious full teats which light up the coastline like a second sun in the sky, well two second suns I suppose. Just one stellar looking joy-filled young lady with a smoking hot body she is dying to share. What could be more poetic or beautiful? Well, yes, the waves taking off her bottoms. I know, I'm a romantic. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Dalia tends to get carried away with her water shoots...