Debora Soares Strips Out Of Lingerie

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bill-swift - November 3, 2015

For all my talk praising the nation of Brazil for its willingly passion inducing model hotties, those are mostly the transplants out of the country and into the modeling centers in London, New York, etc. But what of the wickedly hot sex of Brazilian models who remain home to highlight their sextastic on their native shores? Well, there's a place in my heart for them as well as my loins. I am a giving soul.

Debora Soares is the hottie of the week as determined by her own nation's guy's periodical, and seconded by myself, also thirded and fourthed quite recently. This blonde sweet bit of Sudamericana goodness is all kinds of preening and posing and positioning herself just artfully seductively so in her take a victory lap photo session. Oh, the treasure of any nation is really the beauty of its women. Consider me a pirate hell bent on plundering that treasure. I've always mapped out my plan. And, yes, X definitely marks the spot. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bella De Semana