Delilah Hamlin’s Bikini Video!

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Tex Hollywood - August 21, 2020

Delilah Hamlin posted this video in a thong bikini to promote her TikTok before Donald Trump bans it, which is probably the political stance all the young and silly influencers of social media are taking this fall for the election. "Take Anything But Our Trending Social Platform where we have So Many More Followers than We'd Expect to Have for Doing Meaningless Dances". I mean that's an attack on their freedoms when social media clout is their NUMBER 1.

That doesn't take away from the fact that Lisa Rina's daughter, turned influencer daughter, looks amazing in a bikini and should be followed on all platforms because of that fact alone.

Just don't try to follow her in person because it is creepy, but more importantly, because she travels to St Tropez and other Jet Set places because she is a rich LA girl struggling through a Global Pandemic!!

Here is a bonus bikini Hammock video:

Below are some of her pics from St Tropez / Instagram.


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