Dianna Domanic In and Out of White Lingerie

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aldo-vallon - December 31, 2017

   I do not believe I have ever been more sexually aroused by not seeing a woman's genitalia than I am at this moment. Maybe it has to do with how beautiful Dianna Dominic is, maybe it is because I am sexually attracted to firearms. Seeing as how my last name is not Freud, I do not think I am qualified to say. If I ever return my psychoanalysts calls, perhaps I can provide you with an answer. 

Considering the success of the Wonder Woman movie as well as Dianna's budding career, I think there is going to be a steep rise in the number of a babies named Diana. I know that is one letter off from our dear Ms. Dominic, but judging by how people have been naming their kids it isn't too far off. Before we know it there will be Dyanahs and Dieannas. 

Why so many people feel the need to give their children a unique name escapes me. Don't they know they are putting their child into a world of hurt by making them have to explain to every stranger they meet how to properly pronounce it? I knew a girl named Yasmine in school that claimed it was pronounced as Jasmine. I have never envied her.



Photo Credit: Balint Nemes