Dioni Tabbers Looks Amazing Topless

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michael-garcia - July 27, 2016

International hottie Dioni Tabbers does a tease filled topless photoshoot for your viewing pleasure. She starts out in some sexy black lingerie, that on it's own would be enough to satisfy most appetites. Then she teases us big time with some heavy cleavage and braless jacket peeks. Then we get the full view of the jugs in all their glory. Dioni is really stacked, like a 50's greaser might have said. Her chichis are highly motorboatable. Highly. You should have to get a motorboat operator's license to be with her because of the magnitude of ta-ta we are dealing with. The word voluptuous comes to mind when I think of Dioni's rack. She is mos def voluptuous. If you look up that word in the dictionary you'll find these topless pics of Dioni. 

It's moments like these where I really love my job. I think my grandfather would have been glad that he came to this country so that one day I could wax rhapsodic about Dioni's chest cannons. 


Photo Credit: Jurij Treskow