Does Brie Larson Know Her Dress Is See-Through?

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aldo-vallon - November 7, 2017

 It is a good thing that Brie Larson's dress looks like it is made out of a chain mail-like material because she will probably have to battle her way through a ton of unwanted gropes. Rumor has it that that was the original cause for the invention of the garment to begin with. Dudes in medieval times were tired of getting felt up while they were waging battle so they created that stuff to serve as an extra barrier. That must be why Brie is wearing what she is, because nothing else makes sense. Every girl I have known has spent a half hour in front of the mirror before she goes in order to make sure she looks all right, so there is no way she cannot know of the transparency of her dress. She should have taken another page out of the old medieval handbook and worn a tunic under that thing. It would serve as both a comfortable barrier against the chain mail as well as a bold fashion statement. Although she is doing a fine job of being bold all by herself. 

Photo Credit: Getty Images / Splash News