Eila Adams Strips to the Undercarriage for the Latest Edition of Wheelz on Naked News (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - May 29, 2015

If you're like me, you like your women like you like your cars. Asian and economically priced. I'm kidding! Kind of. The point is, there's nothing second closest to a man's heart than his set of wheels.  Hot girls and hot cars have gone together since the invention of both, or either. The teenaged boy brain is only wired for these two pursuits. And that doesn't change much with age.

This week's installment of Wheelz on Naked News features the blessedly blonde hot Eila Adams keeping viewers up to date on the latest news in all things vroom vroom and super fast, as well as revealing her own set of vroom vrooms, which is why Naked News is the best television not on television.

Check out the latest edition of Wheelz featuring Eila Adams on Naked News. It's cars, it's nekkid girls, and it's just fun. Enjoy.