Ekaterina Zueva More Amazing Topless

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michael-garcia - September 22, 2016

Ekaterina Zueva continues to warm my heart with some more sexy topless pics. We showed you yesterday some of her latest boobtastic work and now she continues to satisfy with these pics. She starts out wearing a seater made of what looks like green Muppet fur. She then slowly starts to pull it off revealing first her lovely bare midriff and then continuing up for some amazing sideboob. Normally this would be enough to satisfy but she isn't done yet. She then pulls the sweater up over her head and unleashes her stellar ta-tas. These things are a friggin work of art. They should be dipped in bronze and put in a museum for all the world to come and admire. What I wouldn't give for an opportunity to hold those puppies in my hands. 

But alas I will probably never get the opportunity unless I suddenly become a Russian oligarch with a lot of cash. Hey, we all need goals. 


Photo Credit: Boris Bugaev