Elsa Hosk Naked in Lui (So Damn Blonde and Hot!)

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bill-swift - December 8, 2016

Look no further for signs of heaven on earth than visuals of Victoria's Secret Swedish sweetheart Elsa Hosk without clothes baring her beautiful all over alluring fair skinned body for Lui Magazine. Elsa follows in the long line tradition of wicked hot Europeans and Nordic models not afraid to strip down to just their ballet socks for on helluva hot photoshoot. God bless each and every one of them.

While Elsa does contort enough to keep her lady nest out of frame, the site of her rapturous nipples alone could send a man into a ten year berserker frenzy. Add in her sweet arse and perfect funbags and you have the makings of one very flexible lingerie model gone nude all-day fantasy. Simply amazing, breath taking, and awe inspiring. You go find that hidden waterfall or uncharted canyon. This is the natural splendor for which I thirst. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Lui Magazine