Emanuela Albino Curvy Stripdown

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bill-swift - February 3, 2016

I love the Brazilian ladies. If my ten thousand previous posts on the subject hasn't convinced you, I'm here to repeat and reiterate and re-ogle another finely curvaceous and desperate to please exhibitionist wise mode from the land of a million hotties. Emanuela Albino all kinds of see-through and topless as the pick for Bella da Semena because every week deserves a naked sextastic Brazilian like Emanuela.

Close your eyes and try to imagine a Sudamericana young woman named Emanuela who isn't crazy hot. It's not possible. Now open your eyes and behold this Emanuela's enhanced, but rightfully passion inducing female form. She's the vision of oh so many bar fights between men who shall never know her true goodness. Still, nothing wrong with a good bar fight. Emanuela, could you help me out with a Band-Aid? Yes, I do need to remove my drawers to show you where my boo-boo is. I like games. Could you meow like a cat. As long as I'm asking. And dreaming. So bodacious. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bella Da Semana