Emelia Paige Topless in the Kitchen

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bill-swift - May 17, 2017

Sometimes you just need a hot girl topless in her kitchen. Or better yet, your kitchen. You can fly Emelia Paige over from Britain, especially if you're not fond of jams and jellies and kippers. 

The English lass with the stellar body provided a more than nice you have to ogle it thrice striptease from her dress down to her perfect funbags in the food preparation area of her abode. I wouldn't call it necessarily the best food safety policy, but who cares about health codes when your loins are fresh afire from the visual stimulation of a wicked hot topless woman? That's not a real question since I already know your answer. Loin fire, clearly.

Emelia, you are part of all that's right and proper in this world. Ironically, so many people see it the precise opposite. I pity those fools. Lovely naked ladies shall be our salvation and sustenance in good times as in bad. What I'm imagining this very moment is more than akin to an adult human pacifier of good feelings. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Emelia Paige