Emily Ratajkowsi’s Fully Nude Photo from 2012 Re-Circulating

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Tex Hollywood - March 3, 2020

Nudes are like herpes...they are the gift that keep giving. Maybe I should work on a better analogy, like nudes are like a "Jelly of the Month Club", the gift that keeps giving. I am not good at this, but thanks to the internet nudes live on forever.

So when a 2012 picture of an Emily Ratajkowski around the time she went fully viral, or right before she went fully viral, was like all the other nude models of social media, just getting nude in pictures hoping one would stick. Stick they did, she went on to be a budding enterprise, from social media campaigns and clothing lines, not necessarily surprising based on what her body looks like, but semi-surprising because typically brands hate nude models and avoid them like the plague, but as opportunists, that reservation goes out the window when they see follower count.

8 years later, she's still cashing in on these bad boys! Enjoy!