Emily Ratajkowski Shows Off in Nipple-Filled See-Through Candids

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brian-mcgee - September 10, 2018

Sometimes, when there's nothing left to do, and no mysteries left to retain, you just gotta give up the game and give the people what they want. Emily Ratajkowski frequently delivers what the people want, and she did it again recently with this threadbare green top that shows off everything going on above her waist!

While I do love a bit of mystery, I also can't help but melt around a woman who doesn't give a flying fuck about mystery. Emily Ratajkowski is one such woman. She couldn't care less, she knows she's got an amazing body and an incredible pair of breasts, why make any bones about it? Put those puppies out there and let everyone else deal with it.

I only wish Emily's path to stardom hadn't crossed with Robin Thicke's path. He put a taint on her she doesn't deserve, and I hope that one day, I'll forget that he had anything to do with her fame. It's such a strange thing to think about now, but Emily Ratajkowski really was the only saving grace of that entire endeavor. Well, I suppose the other topless women helped.

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Photo Credit: MEGA