Emily Ratajkowski Topless Dancing

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michael-garcia - September 13, 2016

Christmas came early this year with these pics of super hot hottie Emily Ratajkowski dancing around topless. She seems to be hanging out by a pool with a smiley face cookie or cake of some kind. She's got on a crop top shirt that exposes her underboob. You could stop right there and it would be awesome. But then she takes that off to show us the entirety of her overripe melons. We all know that Emily has got some of the best ta-tas in the business. Other models wish they were packing guns like Emily. Most women would sell their soul to Satan to get knockers of this magnitude. And I would sell my soul for a chance to touch them. But until Beelzebub shows up with a contract, I'll have to be satisfied with these pics.

Emily should dress like this all the time. Scantily so she can get naked quickly. Oh wait...she does. 


Photo Credit: Dean Freeman