Emily Senko Topless

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michael-garcia - September 14, 2016

Emily Senko loses her top in these seriously sexy pics. Emily is an up and coming model that has made a big splash in Europe but we are just getting to know her here. But if she keeps showing off her delightful perkies like this she'll surely be a big model here. She's got the kind of pokies that look like they are down to party. Emily seems like the kind of girl who would be wild and yet vulnerable. I think the more upturned and pointy the nips the more fun they are at parties. This is my findings after years of research on the subject. Emily has not only a great pair of pokies but is also friggin' beautiful. She's the whole package. 

There is nothing better than a topless pic. I'm pretty sure it was why photography was invented in the first place. It was probably about half an hour after the invention of the camera that there was topless pics made. 


Photo Credit: Ray Davidson