Emma McVey Naked in a Car, Why Else Have Cars?

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bill-swift - March 9, 2016

For those not up on the British tabloid scene, Emma McVey is an English hot brunette model who has dated between one and ten various British reality show 20-somethings putting hero often on the cover of magazines and papers discussing such millennial matters. She's also the owner of one sextastic fine female form that she has now taken to showing off naked within the pages of P magazine.

It's hard to put into words the sensation one feels whilst-peekabooing Emma preening across cars and pools with her stellar body and bare funbags and curvaceous booty calling out like a Siren's song of allure. I'd call it heavy tingles mixed with a chance of rain. That would explain the moistness. Emma, I'm not sure what you're doing fooling around with all those TOWIE boys and such when you could have a real man in your life. I say as I'm in my Superman pjs eating my Corn Pops. In the very least you have to let me oil and buff you. The entire process only takes eleven hours and you are allowed to take breaks to scream for help. Oh, Emma, you're such a character. So hot. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: P Magazine