Emma Stern Nielsen Topless Posing!

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Tex Hollywood - August 14, 2020

Emma Stern Nielsen has been around for quite some time, working as a legit model, but there was a big shift in the model industry that happened over the last 5 years, where someone like Emma Stern Nielsen, who was working a variety of campaigns and working as a full time model, just didn't pop off the way she should.

I mean, she's got a really interesting face, she's tall and thin, I mean this is what models look like, but instagram happened and even 5-6 years into her career she's only got 30,000 followers, which in the influencer world of every brand wanting sales agents who double as models, the new generation "Avon Lady", redefining the concept of model into "drive sales" which is a bit of a bummer, because sometimes a model's duty isn't to sell me on things, but rather to give me a vibe that I can stare at.

Either way, she's now an Architecture student but still producing some topless pics and that's great news!!

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