Emmanuelle Chriqui and KaDee Strickland Topless Lesbionics in ‘Shut Eye’

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bill-swift - December 14, 2016

Not to lead in with the bad news, because I hate that, but in this blessedly hot scene of Sapphic love between Emmanuelle Chriqui and KaDee Strickland, it's KaDee that removes her top and exhibits her bouncy fun time funbags. While Emmanuelle sadly continues her never ending streak of never really being topless onscreen. So very very close, but never fully. Let this dip not overshadow the fact that the two are in a lesbionic love scene in the show Shut Eye streaming on Hulu.

Nor should it affect the pleasure one might take in seeing veteran hottie KaDee Strickland who at forty is still wicked hot, and even more so obviously while receiving the tender kisses of long lusted Emmanuelle Chriqui. The point I'm trying to make here with one hand is that this could've been perfect. And it's only really good. I cry in these moments as does a little child after they drop their giant rainbow swirl lollipop to the ground in existential dismay. I play hard, I work hard, I grieve for missed funbags the hardest. I'm glad to call you friend. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Hulu