Eniko Mihalik Black And White Topless

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bill-swift - April 26, 2016

Eniko Mihalik has been around for forever and she's only twenty-eight. Kind of stunning to think how young she must've been when she started modeling so many years ago now. This Hungarian hottie follows in the grand tradition of European fashion models in that she has zero problem showing off her fine lean female form without clothes on, as needed or directed for a given shoot. I would so direct constantly were I behind the camera. Or just hold up my pre-printed flash card that reads, you may get naked now, thank you.

Shown off in this brief but memorable Bryce Thompson set of black and whites, Eniko tempts you with what it might be like to have a skinny hot Hungarian girlfriend who likes to walk around topless in your presence. She'll probably light your feet on fire or something at some point, but a few serious burns about the pedestrian area is a small price to pay for experiencing divine pleasure any period of time. Just make sure you have a pool. The smoking hot ladies do seem to favor that for topless reveals. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Bryce Thompson