Eniko Mihalik Nude For Lui

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michael-garcia - September 29, 2016

Hungarian hottie Eniko Mihalik gets completely naked for Lui Magazine and it is a beautiful thing. I don't know a whole lot about Hungarian women except that their women are pretty hot, at least the ones I've met. True this is a limited sample group but I definitely see a pattern. Eniko has got a ridiculous body. Her ta-tas are pretty much perfect. They aren't giant pendulous funbags that might cause her lower back pain nor are they tiny mosquito bites. No, they are just the right size and their proportions are fantastic. Then there is her booty which we see here all damp and covered in sand. I'd like to smack that booty, but that's how fools get put in jail. We also see the top of her lady mound that leads to the garden of Earthly delights as well. There is a bit of hair, the landing strip, which I'm all about. I prefer a bit of foliage on the mons.

Eniko is my kind of woman, then again to be fair, I think she's everyone's type of woman. Even dudes who like other dudes are like, "Damn!" when they see her. She transcends all of that and exists on a level of pure hotness all her own. 


Photo Credit: Lui Magazine