Erica Candice Nude in the Sand

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rusty-mattis - August 10, 2017

It's kind of hard to believe the summer is almost over. I'm such a fan of those long, warm days and the all time spent with friends and family. Most of all I love the summer because it means lots of naked models doing stuff on the beach. Erica Candice nude in the sand is the definition of summer fun.

I ain't got no clue why beautiful naked ladies look like ten times hotter when they are on the beach. There must be something about boobs and sand that really get me going. I never really put much thought into it other than how awesome it is to see Erica Candice naked in the sand. I bet part of it is that one really have to be focused to not get bothered by all that sand. It doesn't feel good on your bare skin. But Erica Candice finds a way to push through and get these naked pictures out to the world. You know, I bet she thinks about how awesome her boobs are to get through the discomfort of all that sand getting in all the cracks. You deserve a cold one for your hard work Erica Candice!

Drink up, people, these summer days will be over be we know it. Then all we'll have to look forward to is Erica Candice naked in the snow. That would be pretty hot and cool.

Photo Credit: Cory Vanderploeg