Erika Jordan Nipples In Wet T-Shirt

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aldo-vallon - January 13, 2018

 I hope that liquid is the milk on her body, because otherwise this would just be perverse!

I am so glad I am not lactose intolerant, I think that might cause a fair bit of difficulty in enjoying these pics. It always takes me out of the right mindset when I get reminded of my weaknesses while watching something that is supposed to serve as an escape. Like, I get it, you know how to spell better than me, now can we get back to spinning the wheel?

While the rest of us get to enjoy these pics guilt free, all of you folks with the weaker intestines are going to have to use your highest form of mental gymnastics in order to pretend that is only Almond milk in that carton. That can neither be easy, nor entertaining.

No, I do not envy you guys. Seeing that milk poured over her jugs must have your fingers twitching for that bottle of Pepto, or whatever medicine it is that you take. But not me. I can watch her drink that milk for hours, so long as the temperature is cool enough to keep it from spoiling. I'm not looking to get any cottage cheese in the mix.  



Photo Credit: Instagram