Eva Green Topless, One Last Look at the Clearest Pictures Yet of 300: Rise of Eva’s Outrageous Knockers

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bill-swift - June 7, 2014

I know we've looked at this epic Eva Green topless scene from the 300 sequel twice before. But thanks to EgoReader 'Tadam', we have now the final clear-res look at those epic peeking peaks on the sextastic actress that we've been waiting for ever since rumors of this scene first broke in my Eva Green Is Topless Rumor Society. We meet at Denny's and split the checks.

Eva Green is in the category of a Kate Winslet or a Chloe Sevigny or a Julianne Moore, just topless in almost every single film role and completely fearless. And what's to be feared when you have a body like Eva's? That somebody's going to tell you to put your clothes back on? Not so long as I'm drawing a breath on this spinning orb they won't. Enjoy.