Even More Looks At Farrah Abraham’s New Butt Injection Bruises Because You Guys Are Monsters

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earl-jonas - April 12, 2019

Yesterday I was cyberbullied for apparently hiding Farrah Abraham's glorious new butt injection bruises behind pictures of her glorious big boobs in the gallery. I don't know what kind of marketing wizardry you assume we're working with here, but if you think the galleries are much more than a drag and drop situation, you are overestimating a blogger who has obviously fallen through the cracks of society.

All of this is to say that today I am righting my wrongs by giving the pee holes what they want - closeup and easily-accessible looks at Farrah Abraham's new butt injections and accompanying bruises. These pics are from yet another pap sesh that occurred following Abraham's Insta butt injection video posted a week ago.

You asked. We delivered. Ass injection bruises. And not buried behind fluff such as Farrah Abraham's amazing curvy bod in a bikini. No. That's not us anymore. Enjoy, you monsters.

Photo Credit: MEGA