French Hottie Pauline Baly Topless

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michael-garcia - August 30, 2016

French hottie Pauline Baly goes topless and bottomless in this sexy black and white spread for Ellements Magazine. Europeans are much more sophisticated than we are when it comes to nudity, especially the French. Have you ever been to a beach in France? It's ta-tas flying around all over the place. I went to a bathhouse in Paris and the people who work there had to beg the hotties to keep their tops on in the communal sauna. None of them were as hot as Pauline, but still. She's got an amazing set of jugs and a pair of legs that go on for miles. In some of the pics she is wearing leather pants and jacket. I'm no leather guy, but that's pretty hot. Especially if said leather is as tight as the stuff she's wearing. 

Pauline should look me up next time her model travels bring her to New York. We could go eat some expensive French food and talk about the meaningless of life while smoking. Then we could make out. 


Photo Credit: Ellements Magazine