French Vogue Model Emilie Payet Naked Sultry Goodness

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bill-swift - February 2, 2017

I happen to have a strong lust affiliation you might say for sultry French Vogue favorite model Emilie Payet. Now I know what you're thinking. Yo, Bill, you like all wicked hot and naked French models. And, to some extent, like a hundred percent, this is true. But Emilie Payet is one of those still noteworthy hotties who can take an overly dramatic and even dour French styled shoot and turn it into one sextastic affair.

Everything French must necessarily be profound and meta and soul searching. That's a lot to ask from any one woman. Emilie takes that haughty conceit of her culture and by sheer force of revealing her stellar alluring body and faptastic funbags, turns art into something greater than art -- not art. Just plain old-fashioned leering fun. Like we used to have as kids. Or still do as adults when not in France. Job well done, Emilie and Emilie's passion inducing body. We shall overcome together. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Tina Trumpp / Leica S Magazine