Gaelle Garcia Diaz (Covered) Topless for Tropical Spread in Che Magazine

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bill-swift - September 22, 2011

When superhot supermodel Gaelle Garcia Diaz and our friends at Che magazine in Belgium get together, you know wonderfully sextastic things are afoot, and ahead, and all hot body parts in between. Once again, they've managed to employ the rather sizzling assets of this ridiculously sexy Spanish-to-Flemish immigrated model, place her in a tropical looking setting, dress her in some tiny swimsuits, or, you know, no swimsuit at all, and click away, much to the benefit of us gentleman oglers. Gaelle Garcia Diaz' body is like work of art, only, you don't need to go see her in a museum because your girlfriend swears your promised to take her, this sextastic exhibit is for private viewing only. Enjoy.