Get Up Close And Personal With Olivia Norella

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aldo-vallon - November 11, 2017

 Olivia Norella has been blessed with the genetics of the elite, which is probably why she has chosen her current career path. A lot of people choose to pursue a certain career, but that does not always mean they will be successful at it. Check out your local coffee shop and ask what career field your barista is pursuing if you do not believe me. Since I do not see an apron on Olivia I will make the assumption that her prospects are looking a little brighter than that. That is not to say that she should get cocky, though. No one is too big to fail, as recent Hollywood news is proving to the world. And if it can happen to the bigwigs, then it can sure as hell happen to anybody. Just because her last name might remind some hungry observers of their favorite hazelnut spread, that does not mean they are going to cut her any slack for improper behavior, like skipping leg day at the gym. Some things are simply unforgivable in our culture.  

Photo Credit: Photographer Cory Vanderploeg for YUME