Gina Buldorini Beachtime Topless

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bill-swift - April 19, 2016

If you happen to like your Italian models hot and brunette and beautiful and baring boobtastic on the beach, prepare to fall heels over head in lust for Gina Buldorini. The young sextastic exhibitionist from The Boot is the up and coming favorite of photographers looking to show off their skills by way of capturing the coquettish slender model and her au naturally fine female form in various states of barely dressed.

Featured on this beach with her top open, Gina reminds us of the simple allure of a simply hot woman without being super obvious. Just obvious enough that her epic petite funbags inspire you to imagine what comes when the sun goes down and you two have finished off your Jack-In-The-Box meals and feeling kind of frisky. That's the time when I shine. Or nap. Gina, wake me when you're ready. You can do the foreplay stuff without me. The male lion steps into the breach at the last moment. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Self Control