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aldo-vallon - March 13, 2018

Any modeling shoot that involves animals gets an immediate two thumbs up from this dude.
On second thought, that might be a little brash. I am now remembering a couple modeling gigs that involved a horse which have left me scarred for life, so I cannot, in good conscience, recommend those. But in general, you should be in good shape with animals being involved so long as you stay out of the darker areas of the internet.

I am just impressed at the ability to wrangle an animal into a cooperating long enough for a photo to be taken. I remember that amount of effort it took to get a decent picture for our family Christmas card when our dog was involved. The damn thing either refused to look at the camera, or it would not sit still long enough for the photo to be taken.

I had the genius idea to drug the dog, which I still stand by, so that it would be placid long enough for the photo to be snapped. It would have been tastefully done. We all would have been dressed like we were on a safari, holding rifles, acting like we just bagged ourselves a lion.


Photo Credit: Playboy Plus